Seize the day or hit snooze?

I used to be very much a seize the dayer but since lockdown I’m more likely to hit snooze. Need to do something about that…


What motivates you in the morning?

My podcast, The Shift With Sam Baker, which is now in its fourth series. Knowing I’m going to spend an hour chatting to a fascinating woman – and then thousands of people are champing at the bit to listen to it – is enough to get anyone out of bed.


What would your dream weekend involve?

Friends! Beer! Cafes where you can eat AND drink inside! Bookshops! (Oh, how I long to go and wander around a bookshop). All things I took totally and utterly for granted a year ago.


What outfit are you most looking forward to wearing after lockdown, and where will you wear it?

Anything that comes out of a suitcase, anywhere that’s not home.


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