Seize the day or hit snooze?

I’m an early riser – dawn light is animate, dynamic, sensory. You align by the sun’s compass or sinking pale moon; each lends space, a different lens or orbit, and wilder perspective. Drenched in the sea, sensation is intense, porous. You absorb the raw essence of being alive, a simplicity and lightness of being. 


What motivates you in the morning?

Being in a fast-moving, white capped sea with my camera at sunrise. After, distilling those images into words. There’s an energy, motion, sound and effortless rhythm that’s uniquely energising, uplifting, and expansive. As the sun glows over the horizon, you become part of something infinitely greater. 


What would your dream weekend involve?

To wake, in this lifetime, with the child I always longed for. I guess, to know the fullness of that love of a mother for her child. Also, spending close time with loved ones. Sharing food, stories, music. Falling asleep by firelight outside – above, the night sky, stillness, wildlife and sounds amplifying.


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