Trigger warning: Prematurity and birth trauma


They say nobody can prepare you for having a baby, and while that’s true, there are ample antenatal classes available to talk you through what to expect, from baby’s first poo to how many fairy lights to pack in your hospital bag (the correct answer is none, by the way. I’ve yet to meet anyone who got round to adorning their labour suite with them. Turns out there are other things to focus on). There are blogs, motherhood influencers sharing their insights on Instagram, books, online courses... So no, nobody can prepare you for having a baby. But if you look hard enough, there are plenty of resources available to give you a head start.


After discovering I was expecting, I signed up to antenatal classes, devoured pregnancy articles and spent evenings researching the best pregnancy pillows and nursing bras. From pelvic floor exercises to pregnancy vitamins, I was prepared with a capital P. Well, prepared for everything except having a premature baby, that is.


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