When Sex Education recently made its highly-anticipated return to our screens after what felt like a long wait (so long, in fact, that I had to rewatch the whole of series two in preparation – not that I was complaining), it quickly became clear that the characters had been busy.


Touching down in the intentionally locationless home of Moordale Academy, we found out that Jean Milburn – mother of Otis and resident sex therapist, played by the incredible Gillian Anderson - was pregnant.


*Gasp.* Jean Milburn is 48 years old.


I must admit that I know this now because, on seeing her baby bump in the first episode, I googled to find out. As a 35-year-old childless woman who would like to be a mother one day and is all for having babies at whatever-goddamn-age-you-please, I felt an immediate pang of guilt for even checking. It wasn’t because I was judging – far from it – more that I was struck by the rarity of seeing a woman in her late forties, pregnant, on television.  However,  in true Sex Education style, barely an eyelid was batted on-screen. And why should there be, right?


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