If our first lockdown proved anything, it’s that not everyone is safe at home.


Make no mistake – domestic abuse was prevalent in our society well before the pandemic of 2020. But as lockdown aimed to keep us safe from a virus we could not see, for many women across the UK, the order to ‘stay home and stay safe’ by no means guaranteed safety. Now, with the whole UK either in or entering a second period of isolation, for those caught up in the nightmare of violence, the threat is very real.


But while there is little to celebrate in the return of restrictions, a small glimmer of hope came this weekend in the prime minister's recognition of the threat such restrictions pose to women. Alongside work and medical appointments, Boris Johnson pointed out that a threat to safety was a good enough reason to breach restrictions, to leave home in search of security.


The question is, will those women affected be able to make use of this caveat? 


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