Last week, I travelled around the world in a day with an adorable dancing robot as my guide.


I promise, I haven’t finally cracked. I was in Dubai, visiting the UAE’s pandemic-delayed Expo 2020, and having my mind well and truly blown by a futuristic vision of our planet that feels a long way from the Britain I have returned to.


Forward-thinking, collaborative, egalitarian and optimistic, in the world of Expo, Singapore welcomed us into a vertical forest, the continent of Africa fed us as a collective and the women’s pavilion outlined the most effective global efforts to level up for girls in a way that made me weep. Meanwhile, displaying the acerbic wit that increasingly feels like the only thing Little Britain can be truly proud of, the UK pavilion served up Eton Mess from behind six-foot tall letters proclaiming only ‘Great’. Oh, how we laughed, bitterly.


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