It’s ten months since I launched The Flock – ten months and three weeks, to be accurate – and, to be quite honest, I'm really not sure how we got here.

Back in June 2020, as I pushed the button to send the site live, I honestly thought I'd just try this out for lockdown and see whether anyone was interested. Quite apart from anything else, I couldn’t afford to do more – my set up budget was literally the cost of two cancelled EasyJet flights to Europe! 

I suspected then that there were probably more women around like my friends and I – women with a wide range of interests and a keen sense of fairness, who wanted access to all of the stories affecting us, without irrelevant ads or stale, pale, male columnists who just didn't quite get it. Maybe it would be comforting, I thought, for a couple of months, until we could all get back out of the house. SO much naivety in those few sentences...


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