Today, I received a press release extolling the health-boosting virtues of Peperami. No, really.


Describing the meaty snack stick as “the perfect addition to kids’ lunchboxes or picnic baskets”, the missive went on to explain how they can contribute to weight loss due to their high protein credentials. The evidence? Chef Tom Kerridge, who famously lost 12 stone, says he ate Peperamis while on a no-carb diet.


Now, I’m no dietician. But I think I’m right in saying that, when a food’s second most prevalent ingredient is ‘iodised salt’, describing it as healthy is a bit of a stretch. I also think I’m on to something in my belief that Kerridge’s weight loss wasn’t down to sausage scoffing, more’s the pity. The clue is in the highly restrictive ‘no-carb diet’. But hey, they’re about to go on promo at Asda for five for £2, so…


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